Modern Day Gilligan

Oregon_family_found2_1"Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,a tale of a fateful trip. That started with a big RV, that made a little slip….."

That isn’t exactly how the Gilligan’s Island theme goes, but I think it’s how that Oregan family is singing it.  Here’s the story.  Trapped inside an RV for 17 days?!?  They kept calm, ran the engine and the heater twice a day to stay warm, cooked food on a propane stove…and waited.  After two weeks the parents leave the kids to go find help – cause the search had been called off!.  Everyone was ok, if not a bit scared.  Ok, I just gotta ask myself: Could I do that?  Trapped in a vehicle with my family – could I keep it and them together for 17 days? 
Then go and find help?  In the age of cell phones and GPS, basic survival skills are still so important!  What would you have done?


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