Tablet Trouble

LenovomastlogoI own, and up until recently have LOVED, a Lenovo(formerly IBM) X41 Tablet computer that I bought last fall. (I am the classic early adopter for tools!) If you X41_1

haven’t used one, a tablet allows you to write on the screen like a pad and paper.  I use this feature literally hours each day as I write messages, create mind maps, and taking meeting notes.  About three weeks ago, the hard drive on my X 41 Tablet blew up – so I sent it in to Lenovo for repair.  Got it back, spent a week getting it back up and the software reloaded (which is a pain because there is no optical drive/CD/DVD) and this morning it blew up – AGAIN!!!  I know it makes me a thirty something weenie, but I live on my computer!  I am sending it back in to Lenovo/IBM for repair.  If we can’t get this right soon, I see a lot less PC in my future, and a lot more fruit (Hellooo Apple!).


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