Living like Jesus

     I’m sitting at my computer on Saturday night… I’ve finished the Saturday night service at NCC and have two more Sunday services to do tomorrow.  I love the weekends – I get to see our church family, new guests, and talk about God!  But this week has been challenging, to say the least… with some medical issues, long hours, and greater than normal ministry challenges.  As I reflect on the last seven days, I am reminded that one of my basic core values, and one that predominates at NCC, is that my goal – our goal – is to live like Jesus lived.  I talk about that most weekends, and it is a phrase often used in Christ-centered literature today.  But have you ever really thought about it?
    Jesus got tired and discouraged.  He was betrayed by one of his own team.  He suffered unjustly and led a band of nobodies against great religious persecution.  He was a political, theological, and intellectual radical who managed to show the greatest empathy, teaching, and leadership gifts recorded of any historical figure.  And he did it all against a backdrop of tremendous pressure and expectations (all in 36 months!).   He was all God and all man -which means that while he did all this as God, he also lived it fully as a man.  He didn’t go after the people assassinating his character.  He turned the other cheek while defending the poor.  He pushed the envelope while enfolding the disenfranchised.
    When I get tired, feel attacked,  or question my worth, I need to think more of Jesus.  Yes, he is the Lord, Savior, securer of my future and salvation – but he is also one heck of a man.  A model leader, son, friend, and human being.  And he has promised the same resources available to him are available to me…which means I can keep trying, keep reaching, keep struggling – to live like Jesus.


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