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I feel like I used to before fighting in the National Finals in Karate… this is it! I am talking, of course, about EASTER!  Just a couple short weeks away.  If you are a Jesus-follower, Easter is the biggest celebration of the year.  The reason we have hope, purpose, and meaning.  So it is always a big deal around NCC.  In fact, this year we are kicking off an awesome new message series called "THREAD:The fashion of faith"We will be exploring how fashion and faith collide, and what it means to be dressed in faith.  We are also going to be doing the following Easter weekend:

  • We are putting some really cool mailers into EVERY HOME IN NAPERVILLE.  It is a really retro/artsy 8 page piece that doesn’t look like it came from your local church.
  • We have handed out nearly 1000 business card size invitations and are still going strong.
  • On Good Friday we will be handing out thousands of dollars in free gas to people in our community.  This is to help them understand that Jesus paid the price for them on Easter, so NCC will be paying THEIR price at the pump from 12-3 at various local BP and Shell gas stations.  Look for bright orange T-Shirts that say "We Have Gas!"
  • Our students, on Good Friday, are doing a 10-mile "Cross Walk" walk-a-thon to raise money for Green Harvest food pantry – to help local families have enough to eat this Easter.  They are on target to raise over $1000!
  • We are having 5 Easter weekend services: 5/6:30 on Sat; 9:15, 11:00, and 12:45 on Sunday.

If you don’t have a place to go this Easter weekend, and you will be in the Naperville area, I invite you to drop by NCC.  Never Church as Usual!


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