Creative Space

We are in the process of turning our staff office space at NCC into a creative space.  I got the idea from Idea Sandbox – check it out here.  Our staff does primarily two things in our current space:
1) Creative processes: writing, creating, music, etc.  – AND –
2) Team meetings

So I am going to design a space to accommodate these two activities well and enhances the creative process.  I am thinking sort of a living room meets Theta-wave Disneyland… or something like that.  We are all wireless, but need to think through the technical side to the room – I want all technology to flow well – almost be hidden – just there when we need it.  Comfy – Cool – Creative: that’s my mantra for this design.

I am going to Total Access at Fellowship Church next weekend (I am soooo pumped!) and am going to check out what Ed Young and his crew are using…

Please send me any of your ideas – I would love to hear them


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