Total Access

FclogoTomorrow Jen and I are leaving for Dallas to attend Total Access with Ed Young and his staff.  I am so pumped.  While normal church conferences are good (you take a team, get inspired, and learn some cool stuff), Total Access will allow Jen and I to shadow Ed and some of his key people as they do a weekend, a staff meeting, a creative team meeting, and many other things (kind of like legal stalking :-).  Ed is one of the pastors who has greatly influenced my ministry, along with Rick Warren, Ed McManus, Bob Schmidgall (my pastor as a teen), and Charlie Ferguson (the campus pastor who shaped my life forever).  I will be blogging from Dallas, and hopefully posting some cool pics! 
While I never want to become a clone of anyone, or their ministry, a lot of my life is about imitation.  I imitate men who parent better than me and are better husbands than me.  I learned martial arts by imitating the senseis and masters who are more skilled than I am.  I learned a lot in my life by watching other people do "it" well and then imitating them.  It always blows my mind when someone criticizes imitation or labels it as disingenuous, but I see a clear pattern in scripture encouraging imitation as a form of mentoring/discipleship (I believe someone famous said ‘Follow me as I follow Christ’).  In other words, find someone who does whatever it is better than you and discover the transferable principles – whether it is parenting, marriage, martial arts, or being a pastor.  Thanks to Ed and the staff at Fellowship for making this kind of opportunity available!


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