A Total Access Birthday

Today is my birthday – 33 years old young today… and what a way to celebrate!  Total Access has been a great experience.  Jen and I worshiped in a service at Fellowship, and then I got to participate in a critique session with Ed and his staff.  I got some great ideas that I hope to use at NCC to improve our weekend flow.  Then we had a great dinner with the staff of Fellowship at Frennellis Italian Restaurant – the grilled chicken Satriata was EXCELLENT!
This morning, we observed the behind the scenes work that makes Fellowship work as well as it does – the parking team at FC earned my respect this morning!  They moves vehicles with better than military precision!  We ended the morning at the Plano satellite site.  I have pictures that I will post up later today, but wanted to take a quick minute before heading to dinner to blog about this very encouraging weekend.  Blog more soon!


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