Google style!

I have just become a Google-phile!  I switched over my PIM (that’s personal information management) system to Google’s gmail and calendar (bye-bye outlook!).  I love it!  The google calendar will text message my phone as a reminder of any event I want (and since US Cellular doesn’t charge for incoming text messages, this is FREE!).  This is a HUGE benefit, since I had to give up my treo last year when I switched to US Cellular (by the way Mike – how’s that Treo doing?).  I can access my full email box, with complete integration to the calendar and contacts – all web based !  I can also access all of the above from my normal, old plain-jane cell phone (the Kyocera So-Ho).  I am still contemplating switching to macs – both for my home desktop and my laptop.  My buddy Scott Hodge has a great review of his recent switch up on his blog.


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