Bye Bye PC

No more blue sceens of death… no more fighting with Windows… I sold my Windows based machines and bought a Mac Book.  Sean at the Oak Brook Apple Store was really very helpful.  And they give a great discount to homeschoolers and educators!  I love the fit and finish of the Mac… it is also extremely intuitive to use.  I honestly just plugged it in and got started.  I am still learning, but I was able to use it right out of the box… try that with a PC.

I bought Microsoft Office for Mac Student and Teacher Edition (only $99 after rebate!) and this is a must have if you want to be productive with the rest of the non-mac world.  I am also acquiring a couple other must have pieces of software for me – Mindjet MindManager for Mac and Accordance Bible software.  I use mind mapping software daily, it is the only way for me to write messages, work out projects and tasks, or do anything else that requires creativity. 

The only downsides so far is that it is a tad heavier than my tablet, but everything is heavier that a 3 pound tablet!  Also, the Mac does get very warm.  I have to think about setting it on my lap…


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye PC

  1. First of all, welcome to the Mac community 🙂

    Mac notebooks have been “hot” pieces of hardware for years. I don’t know whether it’s the same on the PC side but this is the main reason why “laptops” are no longer called that, but are now strictly referred to as “notebooks” for legal reasons.

    I personally haven’t had to set my PowerBook on my lap for a long time though. Almost everywhere I am, I have some sort of desk, tabletop, or try to place my PowerBook on.

  2. Welcome aboard!
    I’ve been using Macs since 1987 and have converted many folks to the Mac from PC since the release of the first iMac. I do all my own tech support at work also.
    My wife’s original clamshell G3 notebook is one of the few that I can keep on my lap for long periods of time. I’m due to get myself a MacBook Pro so I guess I better get ready for the heat. ; )

  3. Enjoy your Mac! And, truth is, it gets even better over time. I’ve used Macs for fifteen years and I still get a rush working on them. Presently I own a PB G4, and love it.
    If the heat bothers you, there is a great product called the Laptop Desk that will help. Inexpensive, lightweight, and well-made. You can find them here:

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