Well, I’ve been using my new Mac for a couple weeks now and I love it!  I am never going back (but I do admit I miss my tablet’s pen interface… 😦

A few of the things I love about Mac:

  • Spotlight: forget "Search" in XP – Spotlight is a whole ‘nother category.  I never have to look for anything again… I also notice I don’t need the elaborate file system I had in "My Docs" in XP.  OS X does it all for me.
  • Dashboard – I love Widgets!  One button access to all my useful doo-dads.
  • Boot time – Boots, shuts down, and goes to sleep sooooo much quicker – and with a LOT less memory than in my tablet.
  • The OS – I have not had ONE problem with Tiger.  Files install with zero difficulty, networks just work, and cameras and such connect effortlessly, no virus worries, no patches – BELIEVE THE HYPE!  Mac OS X is all it is cracked up to be.  (And for the record – I do not run windows on my Mac and have not found one reason why I would need to… I know some have to run PC only apps for work, but other than that, I can’t see why anyone would want to!)

A few pieces of software that I really like: (all are FREE by the way!)

  • WriteRoom – a free, open source piece of software that allows me to just write.  No toolbars, email announcements (even the extremely helpful dock goes away).  Just a blank page that allows me to write – blogs, messages, articles… anything.
  • Quick Silver – What does QS do?  It launches, creates to do list entries with a keystroke, plays music, finds files, makes me a double espresso (ok – Im still working on that one).  Just like its  mythical counter-part, this app just DOES.
  • kGTD – Kinkless GTD that is… I was taught time management in seminary, but was taught using the Franklin-Covey methodology.  I like the Covey approach, but I just NEVER got to my C level, day to day tasks.  The big rocks got my attention, but I was drowning in pebbles!  David Allen got my attention several years ago with his book Getting Things Done.  Allen’s approach is to brain dump all tasks onto a master list, act on what needs action now, deferring what can wait, and deleting the rest.  Deciding what the next ACTION is changed my data-flow habits.  kGTD is a wonderful add-on allowing me to capture tasks and projects instantly, with just a couple keystrokes (thanks Quicksilver).  kGTD then syncs with iCal.  A great base system to manage my busy life.
  • Firefox – Safari is better than IE, but Mozilla Firefox beats them all.  Tabbed browsing, an RSS feed reader, cool extensions (1-click weather rocks!) make this FREE software the best out there.
  • Witch – this app switcher works flawlessly and is much better than Alt-Tab on the PC (it brings up a menu that I can choose non-linear switching or use plane-jane linear rotation).

Mindjet just released MindManager for the Mac – I loved it in the PC and can’t wait to get it installed on the Mac.  This mind-mapping software is a MUST HAVE APP for me – I organize meetings, write messages, and plan trips with it. 

I am also investigating Bible software for the Mac, the only weak point in the Mac software market I have discovered.  Quick Verse was just released, and the standard in the Mac world, Accordance, looks possible.  Logos is publishing its Mac version this fall… decisions, decisions, decisions.


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