Bells, Unplugged

One of the pieces of Scripture that is always floating somewhere in the back of my brain is [Chris Bell paraphrase of 1 Cor 6] that we have complete freedom in Jesus; we are free to do all things, but not all things are good for us…therefore we should let nothing master us.  Sometimes that little part of God’s story kicks my butt!  For example, I am free from strict dietary laws, but I can’t let food master me, because I have a Body for God.  I am free to drink alcohol (which is not only expressedly allowed in Scripture but was the primary drink of the 1st century) but not to become drunk and surrender to the fruit of the grape… er , or, hopps, or corn, or whatever 🙂

In order to make sure that I am living my life, and that my life isn’t living me, I take a break from most things for short periods of time.  When I break from food (fast) it is normally a day or so.  I put my bike/motorcycle away for a few days at a time, and even step away from the computer over a weekend here or there.  But one area I have conveniently neglected to neglect the last few years is television.  The ol’ boob tube is running most evenings in my house (the kids love the Disney channel, I watch Ultimate Fighter, House, The Shield, and Jen and I love MASH before bed).  After thinking about this for a while, Jen and I talked and then…
    we disconnected the cable!  Bye-Bye Comcast… we’ll miss you – no, wait, we won’t miss you – isn’t that the point?  I don’t know.
Anyway, the Bells will be TV free this summer.  So if the new season of Ultimate Fighter is really good, or House cures cancer, or they find twelve previously unseen MASH episodes don’t tell me, OK?  My family and I are unplugged.


2 thoughts on “Bells, Unplugged

  1. Good on ya, Chris! I just don’t want to be around when your boys start screaming for Ducktales:)

    Love to you, Jen, and the boys,


  2. You really cut the cable? Isn’t that a little drastic? Is it fair to the kids? What do you do after dinner?

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