Umbrella Faith

For my last three weeks at NCC, I started a new series I’m calling Umbrella Faith.  You know, sometimes when I prepare and deliver a talk, it is as much for me as it is for my listeners… and this week was certainly an example of that!  The gist of my talk is that sometimes I (we?) can get really stressed out trying to figure out what "God’s will" is.  A lot of people who follow Jesus panic… if I choose wrong, I’m out of his will, messed up, its all over… well you get the idea.  I remember I used to stress out a lot about decisions like this.  But I don’t think that is the right understanding about God’s plan for us.  When I see Abraham, Noah, Paul, Peter… most of my bible heroes, they just leaned into God’s will, did what they knew to do, and let God move them where they needed to be.  There are lots of decisions I can make and still be under the umbrella of God’s will… it’s not a hit or miss proposition.  There’s lots of room under the umbrella!


One thought on “Umbrella Faith

  1. No one seems to leave you little comments, so I will. God never fails us but he does scare us on a regular basis. He tends to operate more in the just in time mode than I would like. What is wrong with a little margin???

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