Umbrella Faith pt 2

Last weekend, I gave the second talk in my last series here at NCC – Umbrella Faith.  The talk, Living Under the Umbrella, was about how very often when we think we are waiting on God, he is really waiting on us!  Both Gideon and Johnathan acted, without step-by-step instructions from God, in what most would consider risky ways – because God had already pointed them at a goal!  A lot of us wait for step by step instructions from God, afraid of making mistakes, when he just wants us to GO!

Look at Gideon and Johnathan’s actions: Gideon took on a vastly superior army with 300 men, surrounded them at night, then stood up, illuminated himself, and shouted.  How dumb is that?  Johnathan attacked an army of thousands with just him and a friend.  But they were obeying – moving toward the goal God had given them, even if they didn’t know the details.  That’s Living Under the Umbrella!


3 thoughts on “Umbrella Faith pt 2

  1. I get so freaked out by TV preachers who tell me “6 steps to this” or “3 easy ways to that”. God has to be more mysterious than that!

  2. Hey Stan,
    I’ve been reading a Christian classic called “A Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life” by Hannah Whitall Smith. It was written in the late 1800’s, and the language is definitely akin to the King James Version of the Bible, but she gets to the heart of what it is to be a Jesus follower, and to know who’s “impressions” (that is her word) are filling our mind. Tho I don’t agree with easy formula’s for finding God’s will for our lives (whether or not we’re under the umbrella) her quiet Quaker wisdom gives one something tangible to take to the Lord.

    God bless,

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