Um Faith 3 /So Long NCC

Well, this last Sunday was bitter-sweet… I spoke my last message at Naperville Christian Church. I am now no longer the Lead Pastor of NCC (see the posts Lenses and Lesnses 2) The kind people there sent Jen and I off with a cake reception and well-wishes.  My good friend Maria Kuchar even made sure she served humus and flat bread, knowing it is a favorite lunch food of mine!  Thanks Maria!  We said goodbye for now to many friends, knowing we’ll see you again.

I spoke the last installment of Umbrella Faith, called "Generational Faith".  Faith has generations – I spoke specifically about 1st and 2nd generation faith.  Have you ever noticed that God always has to work in me before he can work around me… and only after I see reality in the context of the possible can I begin to see reality in the context of the impossible?

For the many people who have been asking where we are headed (ministry-wise) I PROMISE I will post an announcement as soon as we know… I PROMISE… just stay tuned~ a lot of good things in store!


One thought on “Um Faith 3 /So Long NCC

  1. This is certainly an example to follow. Your message Sunday the 13th at OVCC tought many people a valuable lesson on trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts and leaning not unto our own understanding. We all are having a time getting over walking the plank. I would have loved to hear your entire series as described above. Thanks again for reminding me about walking in faith even when we can’t see the why’s or the how’s.

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