Dance of Abun

I can’t sing… in fact if you had to label what comes out of my mouth, it would have to be anti-song.  SO if I want to celebrate, I have to do a little jig… and I was dancing my heart out this last weekend (I won’t say if I was wearing David’s dance attire – see 2 Sam 6:14

I had a blast talking at The Orchard this last weekend…you can hear the talk here.  Scott Hodge has a wonderful church full of great people… and it was the first place I was publicly introduced as the lead pastor of The Star!  It was a blast – thank you to Scott and all the wonderful OrchardValley’ins!

Today I took my new staff out to lunch for a get-to-know-you and had an awesome time with new friends over Panera’s great lentil and crushed pepper soup.  Jen and I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of email from people at The Star who emailed us to wish us well, express excitement over our arrival, and generally just make us feel welcome!

God blesses and gives in abundance.  So when I dance to celebrate, I guess I will do the dance of abun (which looks a lot like the snoopy dance!)


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