Sweat Equity


Yesterday, I got to work alongside a bunch of people from The Star as we packed up a good friend – Ronnie Cordrey – as he finished his move to Kentucky.  Loading that U-Haul, long into the night, made me realize a few things:

  • I am REALLY glad Jen and I didn’t move!
  • Because of a weird, moving-induced tear in the space/time continuum, the stuff in your house actually ADDS mass when it senses a U-Haul nearby…the closer the truck, the faster it pulls atoms out of the air.
  • One of the best ways to get to know people is to work with them.

I was reminded how much good community occurs when people work together to get something done… one of those lessons you always know, but get to relearn from time to time.  So to all my new friends at The Star – it was fun working with you.  And if you ever need a master-packer, just talk to my friend Mark – he almost made the laws of physics work again!  In the meantime, I hope a scientist can study the effect moving has on matter – I think U Haul is behind it!


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