Slammin’ VTX/Reader Rides

I had a morning meeting over coffee at Starbucks with one of the Management Team from The Star.  When I started home, it was cool, drizzling, and a GREAT day to be on my favorite mode of transportation – my motorcycle!  So I took the long way home, enjoying the air, the light rain, and the world in general as we head into Fall… (the only time I use the word "fall" in the same sentence as "motorcycle")

I stop at the light at 30 and 127th when I see a guy riding this….Craigs_vtx

Honda VTX.  Since I also ride a black VTX (although I ride an 1800 and this is a 1300) the rider and I exchanged nods…

Anyway, turns out he (my new friend Craig Walken) is going the same direction I am – so we bump into each other again.  Craig was kind enough to snap a picture of this bike and send it to me…it’s so slammed, it almost rides like a hardtail (no suspension). 

If you ride – send me pics of your bike.  Maybe I’ll post a collage of reader’s rides?!?


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