BS doesn’t always stand for Blue Shield

I make no secret of the fact that I regularly see a Christian counselor.  In my job (pastor) I spend a good deal of time pouring out emotional energy in leading a church.  I guess it simply comes down to this – If I am going to give advice to people, I had better be getting it.  If I am going to lead people spiritually, I had better be open and accountable to someone at the deepest levels.  It is just part of trying to keep myself healthy.

But apparently the insurance industry doesn’t agree… when Jen and I transitioned from Naperville to NorthStar Christian Church we had to switch health insurance policies, and became self-insured again.  In applying for a new policy with the same company we have been with since 1998, we were informed that we had been declined insurance… why?  My counseling.  The company representative explained that they thought anyone who sought voluntary counseling was a greater risk.

I guess this is a case where an ounce of prevention ISNT worth a pound (or dollar) of cure.  To be honest, it’s still worth it!  If you are in a position of leadership, I highly recommend you make use of a trusted counselor to speak into your life – even if the insurance industry is still way behind the health curve!


One thought on “BS doesn’t always stand for Blue Shield

  1. Dude that reeks! So I guess they would rather pay for additional doctor visits and insanity later than for preventative measures now. LAME!! Is there any kind of appeal process?

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