911 Leadership

As we are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of 911-01, I re-read Rudy Giuliani’s great book Leadership .  This is one of my all time favorite books on leadership.  In fact, I would say that if you could only read five books in your life (not including the Bible) this would be one of my five.  Here are some of Rudy’s biggest points:

  • Prepare Relentlessly – no matter the latest technology, fad, or talent level, nothing works like hard work!  This last Monday I began my twelfth year as a lead pastor, and the more experience I gain, the more I appreciate the value of rolling up my sleeves and just getting it done.  I find I am at my best when I spend my time during the week preparing for those few moments where I can exercise my gifts leading and teaching…all else comes second to my preparation time.
  • Surround Yourself With Great People – The best stuff happens in the best teams!  Over the last years I have been blessed to have been surrounded by some very high quality staff people.  One of my greatest pleasures so far at The Star is getting to know the wonderful staff there.  Good people do great things.  Great people work miracles!
  • Develop and Communicate Strong Beliefs – Go BIG!  Very few people at the end of their life look back and wish they HADN"T dreamed so big or felt so passionately.  As someone who works in the church, one of my biggest concerns is that the church whispers its message to a society drowning in noise.  Believe strongly, and communicate those things you believe boldly. 
  • Stand Up to Bullies – Sometimes the fight is worth it JUST BECAUSE.  Even if the circumstances don’t favor it, engaging antagonists and standing up to the bully is just the right thing to do.  Sometimes the principle is all you have…it’s still worth it!

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