Blogos – Fear

I was tracking my stats to my blog today, and noticed that in the two days since I signed up for my new tracking service, there have been 81 unique readers to my blog…which made me start thinking:

  • I mostly write this for me, as a way to journal and process, vent, etc.  I also use it to express some of the leadership dialog that goes on between my ears (I knew it!  He hears voices!).  It is amazing to me that anyone else would want to read it!
  • I am always surprised at some people’s reaction to blogs… I have heard criticism for keeping a blog.  I can understand being criticized for CONTENT, but criticism for the act of blogging itself blows my mind… (hence this post’s name  – the Blogos- FEAR).  What is there to fear?

For those of you who choose to read this blog, thank you.  I enjoy the process.  I hope you do too.  Jen has made healthy beef stew for dinner… I’m gonna go chow down!  Later!


2 thoughts on “Blogos – Fear

  1. Hey Scott, that’s not your little brother, I have it on good authority it’s one of Chris’ baby pix that his Mom tried to hide:)

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