Cowboy Up!

This next weekend is going to be a great one at The Star!  I am in the second week of Momentum, a vision series about how the church is to be a MOVEMENT, not a monument to a bygone era.  Anyway, because we had a unique musical lineup planned for this weekend (bluegrass inspired songs), the Texas part of me and the creative team came out… we are going to have a COWBOY weekend at NorthStar Christian Church.  If you own a hat, some boots, or a western shirt – wear it this Sunday, 10:00am, to Plainfield High School.

This weekend we are also highlighting Green Harvest Food Pantry a great ministry run by friend Jeff Green that feeds over 80 hungry families a month – right here in Plainfield!  When you come to The Star make sure to bring canned/boxed food, health and beauty items, and/or diapers for Green Harvest… and since it is Cowboy Sunday, somebody bring the biscuits and beans!


2 thoughts on “Cowboy Up!

  1. But…I have tried really hard to “kick” the country out of me…I don’t own cowgirl boots, or that kind of hat. What will I do with myself?

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