Back in the Saddle

Been a busy weekend around here, so I haven’t updated chrisbellonline for the last few days.  Here’s a recap:

Had a great Friday night with our Guest Services team at the Amazing Race!  We served up a great dinner (Jen made her famous Italian Beef) and then broke everyone up into teams of 5-7.  Then we gave the teams clues to locations (just like the Amazing Race TV show) to meet "contacts".  Those contacts gave out money to the teams based on their time it took to figure it all out.  The team with the most money won free movie tickets for everyone.  Our teams had such a good time, we got banned from Target!  (Sorry Target employees).  Then we spent 30 minutes over desert training 35 new volunteers for our guest services ministry.  What a great night!


Celebrated my oldest son’s eighth birthday on Saturday with a marathon day of cake and video games.  What a great way to spend a day with sons!

At The Star on Sunday, I gave the last talk in our Momentum series: Pro-Motion.  I talked about what it means to grow spiritually, and how a church acts a lot like a table – inviting guests to sit and eat the Bread of Life that we serve.  We had a great crowd – and had a very meaningful communion time afterward.  I have been blown away at the positive feedback we’ve received during this series, and wanted to share this excerpt from an email that I got Sunday evening:

I grew up around church, but have never understood that church was supposed to include everybody!  My husband and I talked about what chair we were in…  we want to progress around the table.  Thanks for a great sermon explaining how church is supposed to work…I’m so glad you came to Northstar.

Thanks again to all of you who have emailed during this series – and stay tuned for SexRated next week!


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