God Funkified

This next weekend at the Star, we begin a new message series (SexRated) that deals with sex.  We have been working hard at promoting this series, putting up ads on a billboard, and other types of "getting the message out".  But this last week I had a conversation with a business owner who had a connection with our advertising.  Once the business was concluded, he asked me how we could do a series on sex like this.  Below is a paraphrase of our conversation:

Sex is not supposed to be in church.  Church is about little kids… hand bell choirs, heaven, maybe hell, and morality.  You can’t talk about sex in church… where does it stop?

As I have chewed on this over the last few days, I woke up to how many things make people feel "funky" if talked about in church… sex, money, political issues, parenting/discipline of children, death and all its complications (euthanasia, etc)…  Basically, all the issues that are on the bleeding edge of life.  If the church is relegated to only talking about the "safe" (read they don’t matter) issues, is it any wonder that most people far from God think the church is totally irrelevant and unconnected?

We have got to find a way to get the "funk" off of these issues – to "de-funkify" God.  And the only way I know how to do it is for Christ followers to talk about this stuff, act on this stuff, and change the way people perceive God as disconnected from real life.  God invented sex… Adam and Eve didn’t come out from behind a bush in Eden "Hey God, guess what we just figured out?!?".  God is intimately connected to these hard issues of life.  What are you going to do about them?


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