Sunday Night Wrap-Up

It’s getting close to midnight on Sunday night, and I can’t sleep because I’m still jazzed from a great day of ministry… here are a few updates:

  • A great weekend as we kicked off SexRated… a bunch of new families visited The Star to hear Sex Drive.  Had trouble with a mic caused by a dead battery brand new out of the box (thanks Staples!), but otherwise it went very well!  It was great to see people react to having a bed onstage.
  • I had a great time this afternoon at my Pastor’s Chat.  Jen and I got to meet and chat with three cool families from The Star as I had some espresso from Panera.  Met another biker from NorthStar Church… I’m going to have to really think about putting a riding group together.
  • KidStuff was great as always.  If you have never stopped by to witness this worship service where kids can bring their parents, you owe it to yourself to see this fun, upbeat production.
  • Bears Win!  I’m not a football fan, but it seemed that every house in my neighborhood was hosting a Bears party… This is only October right?  Super bowl doesn’t come around for another 3 months or so???  Who cares – Bears win!
  • Just saw Fox News do a segment on Willow Creek’s new Chicago campus that opened today.  Apparently went well.  But Fox took the angle about how it would hurt other churches in the neighborhood… I think Bill Hybels did a great job explaining the churched to unchurched ratio, and how there were many people who didn’t yet have a church home who were Willow’s target.  I love how Community, Willow, etc have all launched Chicago campuses recently.  God loves the urban church!

Gonna try to get some sleep… but now I’m hungry from watching this show, one of my favorites on PBS.  All kinds of cool places to eat around Chicago.  G’nite.


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