Sex, Suicide, and Schools

Within just a few hours of me starting our new series, SexRated, a
confused man with a horribly twisted mind took control of a Colorado
classroom and sexually assaulted some young women before killing one
and then turning his gun on himself.  Then today, 02 October, another
confused man took over another classroom (this time in Amish country
Pennsylvania) and took more lives before taking his own.  Both men
committed acts of unmitigated horror and violence, shrouded in the fog
of depraved sexuality.

Allow me to be a preacher for a minute… sex is VERY powerful.  That
is why I am doing this series.  The talk I am preparing this weekend is
all about how that first "harmless" look turns into a quest for more…
and for a very unfortunate few, like the school shooters, the
escalation never stops.  I wish I had something pithy to say to cheer
everyone up, but I don’t.  It’s just sad.


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