I haven’t blogged in a couple days because I have been busy helping my mom finish the last part of her move to Arizona.  We emptied her house of her last belongings, shipped what she needed to her new home, and did all the little things that take so much time when you move.

Here’s the kicker… she gave almost all of her possessions away!  Her furniture, some dishes, most of the stuff in her house – she gave to people who needed it!

It made me start thinking… how attached am I to my stuff?  Just a few years ago a family owned only what they could fit in a covered wagon.  A cowboy owned his saddle, rifle, a few fixins, and maybe not even his horse!  And they all lived just fine. 

How much of my time is spent on my "stuff"?  An embarrassing amount!  I worry about my stuff… protect, polish, clean, maintain, insure, work to payoff, and repair my stuff.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I own my stuff, or it owns me!

I am beginning to think that one of the secrets of life is seeing how little "stuff" I can get by on.  I read that the less you eat, the longer you live.  I think the same thing is true about my stuff… the less I collect the BETTER I live.  Think about all of the "must haves" that you really could do without!


One thought on “Stuff

  1. Read an interview with Philip Yancey. When he was young he spent a week at a monastary in total silence. When he got there, the monks told him this…”if there is anything you need, let us know and we will show you how to live without it.” Makes one think, doesn’t it? Sometimes I think that I would be happy in an Amish community, then I get thinking about hand washing all those clothes, and I just give up:)

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