Man of the Year

RwilliamsI took my staff to see Man of The Year today.  The last few weeks have been tough ones and we needed a break.  So I told everyone to clear their desks, saddle up, and we were off to the movies!

There was actually another reason besides bonding and team building that I had them spend two hours with me watching this film.  I had seen it for the first time Saturday, and one of the movies sub-plots actually made the film worth the price of admission.

Without spoiling it for anyone, a John Stewart-esque talk show host decides to run for president.  But once on the campaign trail, he ditches the comic side to his personality to "fit in", "appear presidential" and otherwise fit the model of a presidential candidate…and flops big time! 

It is only when in a debate, and his political passions are again roused, that he unleashes the comic part of his personality, and actually makes points people remember.  As a communicator, this hit me right between the eyes!

I came away from the theater with a BIG reminder of something I know and live, but always have to be reminded of: namely, that I have to be myself.  God called Chris Bell: my quirks, my humor, my pace, my timing, my personality – me.  I should always try to be the best me I can be, but I don’t fit into anyone else’s mold… and how many forces out there try to tell all of us what "should" and "shouldn’t" be.  Being authentically you isn’t a license to be lazy, or to ignore improving yourself.  It IS a huge responsibility to ask yourself "What works?" and "What works for ME?" (in the words of Andy Stanley).  In one of his letters the apostle Paul tells us to serve God like we are when God called us.  Great advice.  Be who you are… that’s who God wants to see.


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