Big Stuff

How BIG do you think?  I have been challenged with this question in the last day or so…
In fact, God woke me up at O’Dark thirty this morning, with this thought burning in the front of my brain: Chris, are you leading like you were called to something BIG?  I have dealt with a lot of small things in the last week… transitional issues, details with vendors, and a bunch of other minutia.  I don’t know about you, but when I have been reactive for several days in a row, problem solving instead of implementing change, my vision grows pretty small.  I start thinking about all the money I don’t have, the resources I don’t own…all the problems loom large.

But God called me to lead NorthStar Church like the world depended on it.  Taking BIG risks, showing BIG love, and empowering people with God’s BIGGEST vision.  And if I’m not dreaming a dream so BIG that it is impossible unless God shows up I’m not dreaming BIG enough.  My life, and yours, are only as BIG as the dreams we chase.  And God woke me up early this morning to make sure he had my attention on that one.  So I have scrapped the remaining two messages in the Sex Rated series, and will be talking about this idea of BIG STUFF this weekend and next at The Star.

What are you dreaming?  What are you doing in life?  Is it BIG?


One thought on “Big Stuff

  1. I found your series on sex very interesting. The points you talked about were right on (and somewhat uncomfortable to hear). I guess I’ll have to wait for your book to read about your points from the final two sermons. It’s back to the bedroom for sex…

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