The Village, 70 Minutes, and 4X!

What a weekend!  We had a good size crowd at The Star this weekend for the first installment of Big Stuff. 

Nate Ferguson,  
pastor of The Village Christian Church of Minooka, and a good friend, stopped by at the end of service so we could pray for each other and the churches we pastor.  Nate is doing great work down in Minooka, and I hNate_2ope we can partner together in the future to reach our area.

I had a huge burden to bring this message that God gave me this week
end and the whole weekend was a great experience.  Our worship team did an awesome job and people really seemed to connect.  After the service, I taught our Newcomers Membership Class, then went to KidStuff.  Jen and I wrapped it all up by having dinner with friends tonight.  When I got back home and checked my email, I was floored!  In my inbox was an outpouring of emails of people who want God to use them to do Big Stuff.  Thank you to all of you who emailed me.  I am praying for each of you.

Speaking of prayer, I made the promise today that if the people of NorthStar would spend ten minutes a day in prayer – asking God to quadruple the size of NorthStar – I would pray seven fold that amount.  So beginning today, I am going to spend 70 minutes a day in prayer that God would do that very thing… NorthStar is going to grow to four times its current size.  This promise is a little scary for me… 70 minutes will take some effort!  And what will NorthStar look like at FOUR TIMES OUR SIZE?  I can’t wait to find out!


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