Thanksgiving Plasma

What a great morning.  I have blogged about our offices being remodeled.   This morning the contractors are installing new ceramic tile, and we couldn’t be in the office building.  So, I took the staff to our local Panera  for our weekly staff meeting.  We planned out our Thanksgiving Banquet… I am so excited!  It will be smack dab in the middle of our First and Goal capital campaign and will be a fun event where we honor volunteers and vision cast God’s plans for NorthStar’s future.  The biggest news??? We are going to be giving away a PLASMA TV to some lucky banquet attender!  I was talking with the staff about how to model God’s perspective of blessing… so we are going to bless someone at our banquet with a plasma!  Tickets will go on sale this weekend and will buy a great Thanksgiving dinner and a load of fun.

Also of note is my  good friend, Dave Younce’s, (principal of Brooks elementary school in Naperville – and he has a blog!) post regarding an idea from the talk I gave this last weekend.  (Read it here)  This last weekend I made the statement that negative people with little visions always attempt to pull down BIG people with BIG visions.  That is why it is SO important that I surround myself with positive people.  Truth-telling, loyal, positive people always make things work.  People who will look me in the eye, and tell me an idea stinks, but will back me up when the bullets start flying, are worth their weight in gold.  I would hire a positive, loyal person who needs training before a negative person with great skills any day!  Check who you have around you… are they helping you reach for the BIG STUFF God has for you?  Or are they pulling you down?


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