A trip back to ME

I haven’t blogged since Tuesday – took my family on a little trip back in time…

Well, OK, it wasn’t TECHNICALLY back in time, just west to Macomb Ill… the land where my wife grew up, I went to school, and we met and married.  Most of the really formative moments in my life happened in Macomb.  So Jen and I loaded our 3 boys up in the van and drove the 3.5 hours downstate.  We showed our sons the church we were married in, the school my wife attended, and all the great places we used to hang out ten years ago.

But more striking than that was the people we spent time with.  Charlie Ferguson had us over for dinner.  Charlie is my spiritual jedi.  I am in ministry because of how this simple country preacher from Missouri lived his life out as the campus pastor of Campus Students for Christ.  Having pizza at his house, while my kids went into meltdown in his living room (long day!), was a breath of fresh air.  I know that Charlie doesn’t see himself as doing anything special in my life… but by being who he is, he significantly altered the course of my life. Thanks Charlie!

We also spent a lot of time with Ed and Karen Kuras… my Sensei and friend (see this post).  While Charlie was my spiritual jedi, Sensei Kuras was my warrior-jedi and life coach.  I learned a lot from this man – about me, about life, and how to be a man.  A lot of you are like me, growing up either without a father, or without a model one.  Sensei stepped into that role in a lot of ways for me.  It was great to swap stories with him, hear about how my gym was doing (I spent a LOT of time in that dojo), and be encouraged.  Sensei, next time we’ll have to go fishing!

Jen and I came home refreshed, remembering where we have been, and reminded about where we are going.  Sometimes, the only way to really look forward, is to take a moment and look back.  I have a huge backlog of email and voice messages.  For all of you who emailed or called since Wed night, I will return your message.  Just gimme a minute, OK?  I am still remembering – taking another trip back to Me.


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