Worth Weigh More

One of the secrets of communicators is that we learn as we prepare and communicate.  I know that as I prepare a talk and then give it, I find myself sometimes saying "Whoah!  What did I just say/write?!?"  That was certainly the case over the last two weeks as I talked about being Big Stuff.  Here are a few thoughts that I needed to hear (even if it was my mouth, it was God’s voice):

1) 99% of us under-value ourselves. I am not an advocate of the self-help literature that floods your local bookseller, but the reality is that God values you more than anything!  You are the creme of creation! You are expensive.  How often do we reset our minds and let this basic truth guide our daily decisions.  No matter who tells you otherwise – you are worth more than you give yourself credit for!

2) You are a precision instrument.  While I was tempted to say that you’re a tool (Ha!) the reality is that God made you a masterpiece of human-engineering.  Your temperament, mentality, gifts, weaknesses, and personality were all given by God so that you can do big things!  A tool is not for decoration, conversation, or collection… you are an instrument in God’s hands to accomplish Big Stuff!  The only questing is do you know what job you were created for?

3) Negativity dulls; Action sharpens.  While we all need accountability and positive criticism, all too often we spend all of our time listening to negative people tell us why we shouldn’t or can’t do something.  The reality is acting on a dream, even just a baby step, nourishes us and the people around us.  Why haven’t you stepped out or stepped up?  Do something for God, even if it is simply to make a mistake in the pursuit of greatness.

4) Fail – Learn – ReDo.  So many of us are so risk and failure averse that we just don’t TRY unless we know we can.  Instead, become convinced God is for you, learn the skills and lessons you need for today, and GO TRY.  If you fail, so what?  Learn what went wrong, regroup, and TRY AGAIN.  If you haven’t failed at something lately, you’re not trying anything risky… you’re not growing.

Thanks for reading…now go be BIG STUFF!


4 thoughts on “Worth Weigh More

  1. You are awesome and on fire, my dear brother. Glad that you had time to take a breath last week in Macomb:)

    Peace to you

  2. You are awesome and on fire, my dear brother. Glad that you had time to take a breath last week in Macomb:)

    Peace to you

  3. Chris,
    I don’t often enough (meaning just about never!) think of myself or see me as God sees me. For some sad reason it is easier to believe the negative stuff and criticisms than to acknowledge the gifts and potential. Thanks for the much needed reminder, my friend!

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