This Bites

Ted Haggard.  The news keeps rolling in like a tsunami.

I sent an email to a couple of friends tonight sharing my guts on ANOTHER church leader that fell…

This thing is killing me… I’m mad, hurt, empathetic, ashamed, and
more determined that no matter what my church’s size, or what the level
of growth or "success", I am going to finish well.

I don’t want to condemn the guy… love, forgiveness, and all that.  But the church didn’t need this.  We have enough people that equate the word "Christian" with the 3 H’s… hypocrite, hate-filled, and hollow.  And yet I sit at my keyboard tonight, crying; mourning the loss to The Church, mourning yet another pastor gone down.  Don’t get me wrong, he needed to… but its so tragic.  Understand, I am not issuing judgment, or putting myself on a pedestal…  I am the first to tell you it is hard to be a pastor  – the demands on soul and psyche are huge.  And I haven’t mentored or helped even a fraction of the people Ted Haggard has.  But  his deceit cost him, his family, New Life church, and The Church dearly.

Pastor, church leader – if you are reading this, remember: It doesn’t matter if your church is 14,000 or 14 – finish well.  Be the person you talk about, or get out… for all of our sakes.


3 thoughts on “This Bites

  1. I cry too, Chris, but am thankful at the same time…to be reminded that we need to be humble before our Creator in all things no matter if we are Billy Graham, Rick Warren, or little ol’ me…and our God reigns no matter who falls. Jeremiah 29 sweetie…He has plans for us not for calamity, but of a future and a hope!

    My love to your family

  2. Hard to comprehend this situation. Ted Haggard was at the pinacale of his career and he had what seemed to be a great marrige to a wonderful wife and then this… Why turn to drugs and gay sex at this point in his life with so much to lose?? Was he doing this for years? It just seems so self-destructive.

  3. Chris,

    Definitely a hard week for the church. Yet, I am convinced God is giving all of us a chance for greatter honesty, transparncey, and healing. I wrote what I believe is a great call to the church this week:

    Just like Jim Baker is a better person for his trials so will Ted be a better christ-follower. God wasn’t concerned about the bad PR around David, and others. He is always concerned about the fullness of intimacy with the individual heart. We will all be better for this…its Gods way!

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