Political Polity

I have received a few emails today asking me what I thought about yesterday’s election.  In short, I really haven’t (thought about it, that is).  Color me a bit jaded if you wish, but I kinda think no matter what happens it is going to be MOTS (more o the same).  Perry Noble, who often has a lot of good things to say, already posted a great response to the election which saved me some typing!  I include some of  it here, for your perusal.

  • If you didn’t vote then please SHUT UP!  You do not have a right to say anything!!!
  • I think EVERY Christian should vote!
  • Who should a Christian vote for?  It’s simple–PRAY about it and do
    as the Holy Spirit leads you to do.  It really is that simple!
  • I am glad I do not have to sit through any more STUPID commercials
    who say the other guy is a pile of poo poo and that the person doing
    the commercial is an angel.
  • I do hate those commercials…MAYBE if those guys took the money they
    spent on telling the world how good they are and poured it into our
    national debt…we could solve the problem.
  • Jesus was not a conservative republican who watched Fox News.
  • Jesus was not a liberal democrat who wanted social reform.
  • If you are depending on the Republicans and/or the Democrats to get the world out of the mess we are in…you’re screwed.
  • Who controls the House/Senate does not matter that much to me–even
    though I do believe we should vote–I believe even more in the power of
    a Sovereign God!!!!

Sums up my thoughts exactly!


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