No, it’s not a new algebraic equation.  The alphabet soup above is the expression of my day…

SW – I started my day by going shooting with a guy from The Star.  The SW stands for Smith and Wesson.  Normally you don’t think of church guys going shooting (at least not in this part of the country), but it was a great time of getting to know another guy who has given his life to follow Jesus.  We both shot pretty well, and it was a whole lot of fun.

UFC – After eight hours of study this afternoon, I joined up with a small group of men from The Star to watch the season finale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  It was a great time as we all were just guys – no drunkenness, no vulgarity, but lots of jokes and some good fights! (on TV only – no one went home bruised)

JC+Y – Too often, society’s view of Jesus, and his followers, is less than masculine.  Men who follow Jesus are thought of as sissified, less than macho, or just plain weak.  So the JC (Jesus Christ) + Y (as in Y chromosome) is to remind all of us that Jesus was NOT a limp-wristed social reformer, and his followers don’t have to be either.  Jesus WAS a carpenter, a man, and he took one #@!& of a beating.  And he did it all for people he loved.  Not a better definition of a man can I find.

Fellas – if you have ever been put off from following Jesus because he is always portrayed with that silly halo thing over his head, with a milk-toast complexion, and looks like he could be knocked down by a strong breeze think again.  I think Jesus would have watched the UFC!


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