Front Sight Focus

I love to shoot.  While I shoot all sorts of weapons, I most enjoy shooting handguns.  There are a few fundamentals involved in shooting, but chief amongst them is "focus on the front sight".  When you aim a weapon, the sight picture looks like the one above.  Since your eyes can only focus on one thing at one distance, you have to make a choice about what you focus on: 

1)You can focus on the rear sight and let the target and front sight blur out;

2) You can focus on the target, and all the sights blur out;  or,

3) You can focus on the front sight, and let the rear sight and target blur out. 

The key to successful shooting is to focus your eyes on the front sight, let the rear sight (which simply frames/provides reference for the front sight) and target blur out, and make the shot.  You can’t focus on what you’re shooting at!  The temptation, of course, is to focus on the immediate threat – the target.  Doing this, however, is a recipe for failure as the sight picture is then out of focus and you will miss 100 times out of 100.

I’ve discovered in my own life that leadership is the same way.  So many things scream for a leader’s focus.  If I let my "leader eyes" focus on the threat – what is downrange of my decision – I will miss.  I have to keep focused on the "front sight" – the mission, the values, the culture I am trying to create.  So many pastors, so many leaders get distracted, and their eyes focus on the fear – the unknown of the future – the threat, and they miss.


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