My almost two year old son Charles loooooves Sesame Street!  Like I did when I was his age, he watches it whenever he can.  So I almost fell over laughing tonight when he walked up to our kitchen trashcan (which is silver) opened it up, and looking inside yelled "Oscar?".  I love being a daddy!


2 thoughts on “Oscar?!?

  1. Now THAT.. is funny. Reminds me of a time when my 6 year old boy was riding in the back seat with his 3 year old sister. Taylor, the 6 year old was picking his nose and I will now quote his 3 year old sister Katie:
    “Taylor, you got somethin’ in your nose?”

  2. How cute is that?? I will never look at my garbage can the same way again! My favorite memory of Sam would be when he was about 2 yrs. old. He was outside with my sister’s HUGE german shepard that weighed in at 100 lbs. His name was Wolf:) Well, Wolfie started tugging on the string of Sam’s sweatshirt, and Sam yelled (yes he yelled at a dog 5 times his size) “NO DOGGIE, MINE!!!” I have that picture frozen in my mind, especially the disgust I heard in Sam’s voice. btw…my baby Sam will be 20 on Friday…my how time flies:)


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