Thanksgiving is tomorrow… we probably all have the same agenda: eating a little too much, maybe some football, a movie, some X-box, and family time.  But I thought I would stop and remember what I am really thankful for.

  • God, thanks for taking care of me.  A year facing a time of unemployment and stress, but you took care of my family.  We are still here, still well, and a little more confident of your provision.
  • My mom is finally done teaching – no more worrying about her safety at a high school (mom is a featherweight with rocks in her pockets, and school security was not the best).  She is safe and secure, building a new life in Arizona.
  • 3 boys – one wonderful wife.  The best math in the world.
  • A wonderful church family.  NorthStar is the kind of people I like to be around.  Not just a job – a life calling.
  • Good friends – I started to type some names out, and the list was so long, you wouldn’t read it.  Friends from California to Vermont… Texas to Minnesota.  Thanks – to all of you.
  • My sister is due anytime (hurry up Heath!) with my new nephew – Lucas!  A thanksgiving baby?
  • You… thanks for reading.  And Happy Thanksgiving!

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