First ride

Scott from Anthem Az reads my blog and emailed me a picture  of his bike… a 1989 Suzuki GSX 750.  This bike has special place in my heart because it is the first motorcycle I ever rode.  I remember being 18 and borrowing/riding a friend’s 750 Gixer – I fell in love with motorcycles on this bike!  There is no bike like the first one you rode…thanks Scott, you brough back some memories!


One thought on “First ride

  1. Hey- since you’re a biker and you may understand the phenomenon of “biker blood,” perhaps you will keep my friend Ritchie in prayer. He got in motorcycle accident last week, got a double compound fracture in his right arm, pulverized every bone in his right hand, and tore a hole in his leg that required multiple layers of tissue to be sewn back together. He may never regain full use of his right hand, and if the bones don’t grow back he’ll need pins and metal plates everywhere.He can’t work and needs his bills paid, and with multiple surgeries in his future he is overwhelmed with financial difficulty.
    However, if he does recover well enough he plans to ride his bike again…

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