A Matter of Heart

Last Thursday I got a call from a good friend – Ike Beers – that his dad had gone into emergency open heart surgery.  Ike has been a friend for over 15 years, was the best man at my wedding, and my old sparring partner.  Wayne, his dad, lived with Jen and I when we were fist married and not only shares the same birthday as my father, but treated me like a son since we met.

So I dropped everything I was doing and headed to Rockford to wait.  It’s amazing – one minute, in a planning meeting for an upcoming series; the next, on the way to Rockford, praying for life.

Wayne had a six way bypass… but he is doing fine.  So, I haven’t been blogging… but will return to it soon.  Pray for Wayne – he has a lot of healing to do.


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