Back from Texas

I have been on the road extensively the last two weeks, all over Illinois and Texas, but am back in the blogosphere!

Just came back from a VERY rewarding trip to Baypoint Community Church in Texas City Texas, where I was able to preach at their weekend services.  Jen and I served Baypoint Church until 2003, before moving back to Illinois.  I got to reconnect with my friend Bobby Gass, who is doing a FANTASTIC job at Baypoint.  It was great to see all the new people, the new church construction, and visit with old friends.  My good friend Patrick Olivier has begun to serve as worship pastor at Baypoint.  I had a hand in introducing him to Jesus several years ago ,so to be able to go and interact with him in that capacity brought tears to my eyes.

If you have friends in the Galveston County area of Texas, direct them to Baypoint Community Church – and check out their website!


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