Footprints (Not in the Sand)

Took a walk with my boys today.  Jacob (he’s 5) stopped as we returned to the house and stared at the yard.

"Dad – the footprints we made in the snow.  They’re gone!  How will I know I played in the snow?"

I chuckled, and explained the snow is just temporary – but our relationship, our playtime, and his memory is all as permanent as any of us live.

I spend too much of my life trying to make footprints… a mark that other people can see.  When it all evaporates, my journey with my God, my family, and my friends will be all that remains. 

I am blessed to count amongst my friends many extraordinary people making a disproportionately  huge impact…bloggers, authors, speakers, educators, pastors… I have some great friends.  As I learn leadership from them, though, I see it isn’t the footprints that they leave, but the journey that they are on that sets them apart.  Here’s to all the footprint makers who are doing more than making prints in the snow…thanks for sharing your journey with me!


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