New Year Thoughts

I am preparing a new series for January at The Star about our health.  Everyone makes new year resolutions about getting in shape, eating right, or doing something to become healthier.  But we don’t do it – often because those resolutions are made kneeling next to a commode, or on a bathroom scale, or some similar "I’ll never do that again" circumstance.

But maintaining our health is about valuing one of God’s biggest investments in us – our bodies.  It isn’t about vanity.  It’s about making sure I am around to play with my grandkids, enjoy a high quality of life, and am able to serve God productively till the end.  I have had many conversations during the last weeks with people in their thirties to seventies… all suffering from health maladies that could be addressed by moving more.  And not one of them had made any plans to do so.  I understand that many heart attack victims also do not change their diet and exercise habits post surgery.  Our motivation about our health is funny, isn’t it?   

Of course, I haven’t cracked the code on this health thing either – I still struggle with going for my runs 4 times a week – and when I miss one, it is usually because I let what I feel like doing overpower what I know I should do (and actually enjoy once I get started).

But it IS a new year… what simple things can you do to be less idle?  Bad knees?  Walk with weights or swim.  Stop drinking soda, cut back on sugar and salt, and increase your veggie and fruit consumption.  Jen has started doing vegetarian lunches which works well for us.  Whatever, just DO something – stop being an American Idle!


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