7 Habits for ’07


I’m not much for NY resolutions… but here are 7 habits I am going to get more intentional about this year:

  1. Journaling – I manage to journal about 3-4 days a week.  My goal is each day in 2007.
  2. Running – I usually run 3 miles 3-4 times a week… but I was REALLY bad in December – I only got 6 runs in all month!  In 2007, I want to run a half-marathon… 13.1 miles.  Got to start training!
  3. DietWhat I eat affects EVERYTHING about me (mood, health, energy, etc.)… For ’07, more water, more veggies, and less sugar.
  4. Fun – 2006 was not a particularly fun year for Jen and I… So I am going to laugh more, go downtown more often, try more new foods, spend more time with friends… just have more FUN!
  5. Money – I don’t know how yet, but Jen and I ARE going to meet the First and Goal capital challenge we set for ourselves…
  6. FamilyDate nights have waned in the last month or so… I will date my wife at least 30 times this year.  I also plan to take each son on a small trip – my trip to Texas with Michael was fun!
  7. AgeI want to turn 34 in 2007 (I thought I deserved one easy one!).

Happy New Year everyone!


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