Mad Macs

A few cool Mac related tidbits…

  • Autonet mobile has begun a partnership with Avis – customers can now purchase WiFi that uses the car as a hub!  Stay within a 100 feet of the car and you have WiFi whenever you travel.  Cool!  (Just don’t surf while driving!)  Read the story here.
  • I can email from Starbucks now with other than Gmail!  I spend A LOT of time in Starbucks – my subscription to T-Mobile Hot Spot is well used.  But as most Sbux addicts know, you can’t send email from mail clients in the home of the Green Bean – you have to use a webmail client.  I found a link on Hawkwings talking about switching the smtp port to 587 instead of 25.  The info is dated December 1998. How did I not know that already? Why has
    port 587 *never* come up in conversation?  Doesn’t matter – now I can
    send email!
  • Got to play with Parallels today… freakish ability to run both Windows and Mac OSX without rebooting!  I was expecting a blue screen of death on my mac – but so far, so good!
  • PocketMac for blackberry has worked flawlessly.  I love my Blackberry 8703 – the whole setup has worked without a hitch from the get-go!

The Mac is in the shop getting tuned up – new optical drive installed and a new upper case (the old one was very porous and got dirty quickly).  Am on a Mac fast for a few days.  You think I get credit with God for this kind of fast?


One thought on “Mad Macs

  1. Nice try Chris…:) What can I say as a fellow macophile who has no idea what you are talking about even tho I’ve used macs exclusively for 6 years. I guess I’m just technically challenged. I just discovered today how to use a MIME internet plug, and I was so proud of my own little self…and you had to go and blow my glow!

    Peace to you anyway:)

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