Heading to Phoenix in just a few hours – a last minute trip to take care of some family business for a day… its amazing to me that I can board a plane with a few hours notice and be face to face in conversation with people who live thousands of miles away (and thanks to God for providing the tickets free of charge!)  In this ever shrinking world of always-on cell phones, blackberrys, email, and iChat, I am always able to talk to someone… but face-to-face conversations are paramount.

Had some great conversations this week:

  • I had two great conversations with people who had been impacted by our billboard.  Both are really nice people who are definitely seeking God’s work in their life… 
  • Chatted with an employee of a local Christian high school about helping with their chapel services later this month… a lot of kids struggle with the whole "Christian" subculture and what it means to be authentic.
  • Spent some good time with Sensei Kuras – a good friend, and one of my life coaches and Jedi’s… what a great guy.  He was especially formative in my life during my college years.
  • Can’t believe I’ll be sleeping in my mom’s house tonight… technology is wonderful!  Talk to you from Phoenix!

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