Check your AO

Before I was in ministry, I was involved in training law enforcement.  When good guys go in harms way inside a building, they have to clear rooms – ensure no bad guys are there.  This is one of the most dangerous activities you can do… That is why you clear rooms as a team (this is not new info to anyone who has seen a spec ops unit on TV or watched one of the many "SWAT" shows on A&E). 

One of the most common ways to get hurt room clearing is to neglect your assigned AO – Area of Operation.  Each operator must enter a room and clear a certain part of it – from corner one to corner two for example – your AO.  But if you spend time focusing on another man’s AO (say you saw a threat there or just lost focus) your AO could remain hostile and the whole team can become injured.

Sometime I find it hard to stay focused on my own AO…

  • Am I as good a father as he is?
  • A fellow co-worker now works elsewhere… am I as good a leader?
  • I see other pastors speak… am I as close to God as I should be?

I don’t always feel qualified to be me… But when I catch my eyes wondering to someone else’s AO, I have to focus on what God assigned ME to do.  Not every team member who enters a room gets the same shake… some guys have multiple targets, some have none.  But they all have the same responsibility – Check your AO.


2 thoughts on “Check your AO

  1. Amen, my friend. Charlie speaks about his years in the service as a Drill Instructor. How important those short weeks he had with those young men were. He taught them how to stay alive in the jungles of Viet Nam… AO was probably not what they called it in 1969, but he taught them well. FOCUS with blinders on is kind of what he would boil it down to. God, keep me focused on my purpose, and keep blinders on me… to keep me from comparing and envying those people You put into my life.


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