Team Leadership

I was reminded again last night what an absolutely AWESOME team I serve with here at The Star – NorthStar Church.  Our Executive Team met last night and covered some really strategic stuff regarding NorthStar’s future, and I am proud to work alongside such people.  For those that don’t know we are a staff led church that is protected by an Executive Team.  That means that the pastors lead the church, and our executive team provides financial oversight, and offers spiritual advice, discernment, and direction. 

Since the staff leads the church, they are both responsible for, and accountable to, God and the church for hearing God’s vision, and doing those actions that need to be done to make that happen.  We believe this is the best implementation of biblical leadership we see in the Bible: a plurality of leaders (elders, pastors, overseers, bishops, etc… all the same office in scripture), set apart by God and the church, are given BOTH the responsibility and accountability to lead.  So often churches want to make the pastors accountable, but another group responsible… and that doesn’t work.

Anyway, as we kick off a very important series this weekend, iFollow, I am going to bring the staff and Executive Team on the platform so the church can recognize and pray for this team.  We are also going to ordain one of the Star’s pastors – Brent Molskness.  What a weekend!


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