Don’t fight, invite!

This week God allowed me to have several conversations with reporters covering NorthStar’s billboard. One of the reporters asked about competition between churches. How sad is it that with 156,000 people within 12 miles of NorthStar, and less than 30,000 that claim to go to church regularly, there are over 120,000 unchurched people in our immediate area!  We don’t have to fight over people to share Jesus with, they’re everywhere!  Why do we fight with each other when the planet is dying to know him?  Because a lot of us think we have a lock on truth.  God’s great, holy joke about the messiah complex is this: Every human being who has ever lived has suffered from it, except one. And he was the Messiah.

What to do?  Invite someone to a church full of Christ followers this weekend…and keep inviting them.  Sometimes it takes dozens of relational, loving, and authentically caring invitations before someone accepts.  Remember, God wants to reach all 156,000 people!  And who is tasked with doing it?  The church!  Big task… good thing God is even bigger!


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