One of my favorite stories in the Bible is Joshua leading Israel into the new land.  Israel had waited for 40 years – talk about moving jitters!  Joshua gets ready to move his people across the Jordan river – the symbolic and real barrier that has kept them out of their promised home… but there is a problem.  The river is flooded – what to do?  God says to step out in the water – just start moving – and watch what happens.  This is my favorite part!  Because in Joshua chapter 3 it says that way upstream, around a little town called Adam – God had dammed up the river.  Joshua couldn’t see the dammed water – to his view the river was flowing full as ever.  But when the leaders of Israel step foot into the water, the river dried up and Israel passed through on dry ground because God had already been at work upstream.  Joshua was probably tempted to form a bridge building committee or take a vote of how to ford the river, but it would have all been wrong!  God wanted Joshua to have to trust – to step out into a flooded river and believe that God had already been at work… UPSTREAM.

What is God doing upstream in your life?  Be sure of this: He is busy doing something… preparing a opportunity, a blessing, a way to grow you that you can’t see – because He is always working… even if it is far upstream.   


One thought on “Upstream

  1. everything is spiritual… think I’ve heard that somewhere before:) Learned a couple of important lessons myself this week. I learned about looking in the mirror from my 24 yr. old voice teacher… not a pretty sight, at least what I saw inside. Then from my physical therapist, well not her directly, but the exercises she gave me to work on my old bones. I can lay there and fight the muscle tension and contractions that are causing the trouble in the first place, or I can surrender and let my body and gravity do what it needs to do… yeah, I can fuss at God and fight against the changes He’s doing now, or I can surrender to the Master Potter… Life is amazing:)

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